How should we “reinvent” media?

Alright President Obama, I’ve been with you so far.  But Obama’s FTC plan to reinvent America’s new media is obnoxious.  Government should not be involved with the news media.  Period.  The press is the unofficial fourth branch of government.  Its responsiblity is to be a watch dog for the public, not incorporate the political agenda of rich, pretentious Senators.  If we want to “reinvent” journalism we need to look to new technology.  We need to impliment new, creative ideas to enthrall a younger audience and keep newspapers alive.  Check out the NYT iPad App.  This is a perfect example of growth.

The Highs and Lows of Journalism

Another hot issue, marijuana usage and legalization, was also spotlighted in two newspapers this weekend.  Two very similar stories were written, but with very different headlines.

Workers at 3 medical marijuana businesses in Oakland unionize

Pot-club workers in Oakland are first to unionize

The first headline, written by the Los Angeles Times, presents no obvious bias or agenda.  However, the second headline, written by USA Today, chooses to use “pot” over “marijuana.”  Is it just me or does “pot” inherently have a negative connotation?

Now on an optimistic note read this article by David Sanger of the New York Times.  It’s an incredibly well-written and fascinating piece.

Amazing nut graf, vivid language, fabulous graphics.  Just an awesome piece!