Repetitious Journalism

Among our many responsibilities as journalists, we must make the news easy and accessible for our readers.

The news that we see most often is repetitive because the same stories are found on across news sites, stations, papers and aggregators.  Also, a vat of information can be found on the home pages of websites and the front pages of newspapers.  Information is scrolling across the bottom of a screen while a well-groomed anchor is discussing a completely separate issue.  We are overwhelmed by news, but do we even care?  There is so much to consume and to understand that instead of sifting through the muck we choose to ignore it all.

Not only is there too much information to decipher, most of this information is repetitive.  We see the same sources being used for stories across all media along with canned press releases and AP articles.

The Editorialiste explains this phenomena best in his most recent post.

“But I believe there is too much recycling of information going on — so much so that the original source doesn’t get enough credit, and rebloggers get just enough to continue doing it endlessly.”

Coverage of Sarah Palin’s ridiculous attempts to gain attention is a perfect example of this repetitious journalistic style.  Stories about Palin’s “fake feminism”, “Drill, Baby, Drill” and the Alaska Senate controversy can be found everywhere from CNN to True/Slant.

Someone, please save us from the Palin media cicus.