Improve Your Writing

During this past week I was assigned 2 stories for the Collegiate Times.  While I love writing, especially news stories, I was not incredibly excited about these assignments.  I don’t know if it was the subject matter or if I was simply having a down week, but I struggled to chug through them.  I finally finished them right at deadline and they were published yesterday.  However, I’m not exactly proud of them.  The sources are great, the stories are fine, but I could do better.  I let small errors slip through and didn’t add much of my personal flare.  All in all, not a great week for me.  Feel free to read my stories at the Collegiate Times online.

After re-reading my articles and realizing that we can all use a refresher course in media basics, I thought I would share some tips to improve your news writing.

1.  Take advantage of powerful verbs, since adjectives can be tricky

2.  Always use your AP Stylebook

3.  Have an attention-grabbing lede and nut graf (lots of readers won’t get beyond this)

4.  Aim for BIG sources, but don’t be disappointed if you have to talk to someone in PR

5. Read and re-read your draft (pay close attention to personal bias)

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