What a tangled web we weave…

A friend sent me an article earlier today that I want to share with everyone

Police: England fan incident ‘orchestrated’

Simon Wright of the Sunday Mirror was arrested for working with an England fan to compromise the security of the FIFA World Cup.  The article was actually well written and pretty extensive considering the time frame.  However, Wright’s unethical act tears at the already frayed seam of journalistic integrity.

First, Wright should not even be considered a “journalist” like he is in the AP’s article.  While by definition he is a “journalist”, he is tainting the image and name of reporters and other members of the press that are dedicated, determined and loyal public servants.  Those who write stories for tabloids should be called writers or tabloidists or even bullshitters.  Just something different please.  And if you don’t believe the Sunday Mirror is a tabloid just check out the website.

Why create your own news?  I understand that summer is a more sluggish period for many media outlets, but right now there is plenty to address internationally.  We have an energy crisis, military controversies, political conflict, immigration and the list goes on and on.  If you’re bored with that stuff, explore something new and dig a little deeper.  But don’t create a story that does not exist.

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