Questionable Censorship

Poynter Online brought my attention to an interesting case of censorship.  A high school newspaper in Lynchburg, Virginia was destroyed by administrators.  Many are questioning whether this was over an editorial addressing whether student athletes should be required to take gym class.  To read the full article go to The News & Advance out of Lynchburg.

This certainly isn’t the first time we have heard about administrators, teachers or board members shutting down or destroying newspapers over an article that was not to their liking.  In fact, this happened in my high school when a classmate wanted to write an article about teenage pregnancy.  While this may just be high school, this is a learning experience for young journalists.  I got my first taste of journalism in high school and by senior year I was determined to be a journalist.  More importantly, this is a violation of First Ammendment rights that are granted to everyone–even children and teens.