Fox News’ War on Drugs

So today I have a lot of information to share and a heavy critique on Fox News.  Be prepared.

Last Thursday Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly joined forces to criticize the Drug Policy Alliance.  The goal of the Drug Policy Alliance is to end the war on drugs, according to their website.  Now I am not saying that I agree or disagree with the Alliance’s mission, but I do want to state that the Fox News coverage of the Alliance is overtly biased and deplorable.

The first 3 minutes of this video consist of both Kelly and O’Reilly openly bashing the Alliance and those associated with it.  Famous recording artist, Sting, faced the brunt of this criticism. O’Reilly mocks Sting on several occassions adding,

“No, he wants to get stoned. He’s going to get stoned.”

Making the assumption that Sting is involved with this organization so he can freely abuse drugs.

Kelly adds her personal opinion of Sting in this dialogue as well.

“There sits in the ivory tower. He’s not even an American, first of all.  Save your opinions on our domestic policy for, you know, your own domestic policy. And you know, when he’s not working on a tantric sex, apparently, he’s thinking about America drug policy, and you know, he doesn’t.”

How do his nationality and personal sexual preferences affect his role in the Drug Policy Alliance?  These are irrelvent pieces of information, factual or not, that have no direct connection to this cause.

Kelly then spoke with John Stossel, also of Fox News, about this issue.  The segment was entitled “Celebs and Wealthy Liberal Activisits Launch Campaign to End War on Drugs”, making the assumption that all “celebrities” and “wealty liberals” are involved with the Drug Policy Alliance.

Kelly was very argumentative with her co-worker.  In addition, she made more comments about Sting and his substance abuse without naming any of her “sources.”

I was honestly proud of Stossel, providing ample data about the war on drugs.  He spent most of the time logically defending his position and expanding on the idea that “[the war on drugs] creates crime.”  I used to watch Stossel on 20/20 when I was younger and was greatly disappointed when I found out he was moving to Fox.  After watching this segment with Kelly I am beyond relieved.   However I may be slightly biased in this way.  At this point I just wanted someone to shut Kelly up.

While bias was clearly an issue in these segments, I am more concerned about the personal and irrelevant attacks made on those who are involved with the Drug Policy Alliance.

Journalism at its worst.