Bias in journalism

“The Most Trusted Name is News”

“Fair and Balanced”

Can we believe these tag lines and the many others speaking to the credibility of a news organization?

Most of us realize that in journalism, as in life, bias is our foe.  Bias clouds judgment and challenges the integrity of writing.  But with that said, bias is difficult to avoid, it is part of our human nature.  Therefore, as readers we must look beyond the right-wing and left-wing agendas presented in the news and do some exploring of our own.  We must learn when to delve deeper into the writings or videos that we are given and we must also learn when to take this information with a grain of salt.  My goal is to help open your eyes to the bias in modern news and media so you too can explore this further.  I urge you to read and understand the negative influence bias has on our world views.

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