ProPublica Probes

I don’t know about you but investigative journalism is absolutely fascinating to me.  It’s easy to read a national paper or watch national news on television and hear the same information.  Some of it is covered well, some is covered poorly.  Some has an obvious slant, some does not.  But virtually it is the same news over and over.  While I clearly enjoy reading the paper and watching the news on a daily basis, I thoroughly enjoy a solid investigative piece.  ProPublica does an outstanding job with this.   They offer a number of pieces about ongoing investigations from the government’s stimulus package to tainted dry wall.  These investigations can be found on their website.

Something revoluntionary about ProPublica is the idea that they focus only on their investigations and do not try to repeat the same news we hear continually throughout the day.  ProPublica, out of New York City, is a non-profit investigative news source.  So clearly, the journalists involved with this organization are dedicated to the cause of improving both news and society as a whole.

I always thought that if I made it big I would want to work for CNN or the New York Times, but now ProPublica seems like something I would be more interested in.  Their stories really make a difference and that is exactly what I want to do.

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