Love Bites

This post is less about the delivery of news and more about the news itself.  This is normally something that I try to avoid, but this news is just too weird to not discuss.  ABC recently did a story on the ‘Twilight’ Effect, teens biting one another to show their affection.  Disturbing to say the least.  It is a pathetic time for our society when 16 year olds can no distinguish between a fictional book about vampires and real life.  Anchor was a little too casual about a “bizarre phenomenon” that could simply be described as idiodic.  ABC addressed this issue as something silly teens are doing, a fad that will diminish with time.  And while I am sure this is a fad, we do not need to encourage this behavior by portraying it as cute on the news.  Just saying.

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How should we “reinvent” media?

Alright President Obama, I’ve been with you so far.  But Obama’s FTC plan to reinvent America’s new media is obnoxious.  Government should not be involved with the news media.  Period.  The press is the unofficial fourth branch of government.  Its responsiblity is to be a watch dog for the public, not incorporate the political agenda of rich, pretentious Senators.  If we want to “reinvent” journalism we need to look to new technology.  We need to impliment new, creative ideas to enthrall a younger audience and keep newspapers alive.  Check out the NYT iPad App.  This is a perfect example of growth.