The beginning of a new school year is a tragic time for a student journalist.  Yes it is exciting because we gain a whole new audience.  We have to publish interesting, witty and news-worthy stories to maintain this audience and that is a wonderful challenge.  However, there is a huge downside…trying to contact the right sources, or any sources for that matter.  Administrative heads, department chairs, housing officers, etc. are all preoccupied with school year preparations.  You may get lucky and happen upon a spokesperson for a department, but contact is minimal, even at that.

I have been working on two stories for the past week, both of which have spun me around, flipped me upside down and I still can’t get through to the right contact person.  On top of this chaos, classes have officially started so reporters and editors are pressed for time as well.  Good thing I love what I do.


My Apologies

Sorry for not updating in a while.  I promise that I haven’t given up on Newsspeak.  I’ve been taking lots of exams, picking up stray cats and moving from one apartment to another.  I don’t want to write any half-hearted blog posts about media, news or anything else until I can dedicate my full time and energy to it.  My Google Reader is pretty backed up as well.  So be expecting new blog posts soon.

On another note, a friend and I are working on a pretty exciting project that we hope will revolutionize news so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for being patient!!